Help and support for EOP

The technical support resources listed here will help you find answers if you are having difficulty with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Microsoft provides help for EOP in a variety of places and methods including self-support and assisted-support.

Self-support options

Upon logging in, the Office 365 portal provides information about the status of your organization's services. Also, the service health section of Office 365 shows the current status of your services, details about disruptions and outages, and lists planned maintenance times. The Office 365 portal also provides information about known issues and expected resolutions. If you're affected by a service-wide event, then you should see a communication alert (typically accompanied by a bell icon). We recommend that you read and act on any items as appropriate. For more information about the service health area of Office 365, see Service Health. You might be able to find more help on your own by using the tools, forums and community sites listed here.

Product Overview for Exchange Online Protection

Office 365 and Exchange Online support

Office 365 community

Office 365 Do It Yourself (DIY) Troubleshooter

Office 365 Mail Flow Guided Walkthrough

Assisted support from Microsoft

You can get help from Microsoft by starting a new service request within the Microsoft 365 admin center or by calling on the phone. Premier support subscribers have extra support options.

Support for Microsoft Premier Support Subscribers

If you are an EOP customer and also have a Microsoft Premier Support contract, you can get support through the normal Microsoft Premier Support channels. This allows you to receive access to all processes and resources available to Premier Support customers, such as a Premier Technical Account Manager (TAM) and case submission. Premier Support for Microsoft Online Services extends the Premier Support framework beyond on-premises products to online services, providing you with a unified support experience across all products and services. This service helps ensure that customers can resolve issues quickly and simplifies the task of managing support for different components of an IT infrastructure.

For more information about how Premier Support can help your organization maximize value from your IT investments, see Microsoft Premier Support.

Ask for help on the web

  1. Login to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. Go to Support > Ask for Customer Support > New Service Request

  3. Use the form to add information about your issue, search for solutions to previous issues, or attach logs or related files.

Ask for help on the telephone

  1. Login to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. For general product issues go to Support > Ask for Customer Support > Call technical support.

    For questions before you buy EOP, or questions about billing and subscriptions, go to Support > Ask for Customer Support > Call billing and subscription support.

  3. Use the Virtual Agent for Microsoft Office 365 to search for the most current appropriate telephone number.

Support telephone numbers

Microsoft provides local or toll-free telephone numbers for product support around the world. Many of these support centers provide help in your local language during business hours or in English 24 hours a day, every day. If you don't see your location listed below, use the Virtual Agent for Microsoft Office 365 as described above to find your local support telephone number.

Country or region Pre-purchase and billing questions Technical Support questions
Toll-free: 08007621146 Local: 1147001999
Toll-free: 0805 540 594 Local: 01 57 32 42 97
Toll-free: 0800 589 2332 Local: 069 380 789 508
Toll-free: 0120-628860 Local: 343326257
Toll-free: 0120-996680 Local: 357679793
Toll-free: 080-495-0880 Local: 234831937
Toll-free: 900 814 197 Local: 912 718 160
United Kingdom
Toll-free: 0800 032 6417 Local: 0203 450 6455
United States
Toll-free: 1-877-913-2707
Toll-free: 1-800-865-9408

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