Update history for Microsoft 365 Apps on Windows 7


  • Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. Learn more
  • Microsoft 365 Apps is no longer supported on Windows 7 but will continue to get security updates until January 2023. Learn more
  • If you’re a home user running Office on Windows 7, see Windows 7 end of support and Office. Version 2002 is the last version of Microsoft 365 Apps that will be available for devices running Windows 7 after Windows 7 goes out of support in January 2020.  

Version 2002 is expected to be available in the following channels:

  • Monthly Channel in late February 2020
  • Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) in March 2020
  • Semi-Annual Channel in July 2020

Versions on Semi-Annual Channel are usually available for only 14 months, but we're making an exception just for Version 2002 to align with how long Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows 7 are available.

This extended availability for Version 2002 also applies to other update channels, such as Monthly and Semi-Annual (Targeted), but only applies to devices running Windows 7.

You can continue to deploy versions earlier than Version 2002 on devices running Windows 7 as long as that earlier version is still supported. For example, you can continue to use Version 1908 of Semi-Annual Channel on devices running Windows 7 until March 2021, which is when Version 1908 goes out of support for Semi-Annual Channel.

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, a new build of Version 2002 will be released with security updates, as needed. There will be only one build for each architecture (x86 or x64) and it can be used with whichever update channel you have deployed. There won't be separate builds of Version 2002 for each channel. For example, the same build can be used to update devices running Windows 7 that are using Monthly Channel or that are using Semi-Annual Channel.

July 14, 2020
Version 2002 (Build 12527.20880)

June 09, 2020
Version 2002 (Build 12527.20720)

May 12, 2020
Version 2002 (Build 12527.20612)

April 14, 2020
Version 2002 (Build 12527.20442)

March 10, 2020
Version 2002 (Build 12527.20278)


If you need help with an issue with using Office, we recommend that you post your question on Microsoft's Answers forum or Tech Community, or you can contact support.