OneDrive developer platform

The OneDrive developer platform provides APIs, components, and tools to connect your application to files and content across Office 365, including:

  • OneDrive personal
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Server 2016

The OneDrive developer platform allows your solution to work with files across the Office 365 ecosystem while writing the same code to enable solutions for consumers to enterprise customers. OneDrive APIs are a part of the Microsoft Graph, a common API for Microsoft services.

Our developer content is designed to help you learn how and why to integrate with OneDrive content so that you can quickly get your solution running.

Shared components for quick integrations

OneDrive offers the file picker shared control, which makes it quick and easy to open, save, and create sharing links to files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint team sites.

Using the file picker, you can connect your existing application to OneDrive in a matter of minutes, while enabling a whole new scenario for your users.

Integrated with Microsoft Graph

OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint document libraries can all be accessed via the Microsoft Graph API. Microsoft Graph provides a single API endpoint for accessing a variety of Microsoft services, and makes it easy to interconnect between different services.

View the API Reference for the complete details on accessing OneDrive and SharePoint via Microsoft Graph.

To learn more about Microsoft Graph, visit the Microsoft Graph developer portal.

OneDrive API is also available directly with SharePoint Server 2016. Learn more about using OneDrive API with SharePoint Server 2016 in the release notes.

Bring your app into OneDrive

By building an Office 365 file handler you can bring the experience of your application into the OneDrive and SharePoint products. File handlers give your app the ability to provide a custom user experience inside OneDrive to create, preview, open, or act on files stored in Office 365.

File handlers allow you to provide a seamless experience for your users for all content stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. No longer will users be prompted to download your files, but instead they will be taken directly into your app to view or edit.

Sample Code

To get you started quickly, we have a number of sample code projects written in ASP.NET, JavaScript, Objective-C, C-Sharp, and Android Java.