2.2.2 Elements

Elements of the Document class are defined in two namespaces: DocumentLibrary and AirSyncBase. All Document class elements are specified in this document. However, elements defined in the AirSyncBase namespace are further specified in [MS-ASAIRS].

The following table summarizes the set of common XML schema element definitions defined by this specification. For details about how these elements are used by a particular operation, see sections,,, and

Element name


LinkId (section

The link to the document, specified as a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

DisplayName (section

The name of the document or folder, as displayed by the client.

IsFolder (section

Specifies whether the item is a folder or a document.

CreationDate (section

The date and time when the document or folder was first created.

LastModifiedDate (section

The date and time when the document, or the folder, or its properties was last modified.

IsHidden (section

Specifies whether this is a hidden object.

ContentLength (section

The estimated size of the document, in bytes.

ContentType (section

The Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type of the binary-encoded content or content encoded with base64 encoding.