1.3 Overview

Data structures are used in properties, Folder object and Message object identifiers, remote operations (ROPs), and folder queries.

Apparent redundancies occur in the data structures because information is formatted differently in different contexts. For example, storeEntryIDs are formatted differently in the context of a ROP than in the context of a binary property value created by clients.

As a rule, integers in the data structures are transmitted in little-endian byte order, with the least significant byte first. But when individual bits within a byte field are specified, they are numbered starting with the most significant bit. Therefore, in a 1-byte field, bit 0 is the 0x80 bit, bit 1 is the 0x40 bit, and bit 7 is the 0x01 bit. Also, where field values are described as "b'x'", where x is either 0 (zero) or 1, the value is a binary value. For example, b'1110' is a 4-bit value where the first three bits are set and the last is not.