MetaTagIdsetGiven ICS State Property

Property ID: 0x4017

Data type: PtypInteger32, 0x0003 ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1)

The MetaTagIdsetGiven property contains a serialization of REPLGUID-based IDSET structures, as specified in section The IDSETs contain Folder ID structures ([MS-OXCDATA] section for hierarchy synchronization operations, or Message ID structures for content synchronization operations, that exist in the local replica of the client. The IDSETs MUST NOT include any IDs that are not in the local replica of the client. Because of this restriction on IDs, this property often does not compress as well as the MetaTagCnset* properties, which makes the MetaTagIdsetGiven property grow larger than the MetaTagCnset* properties. For more details about compression of IDSETs, see section

For more details about sending and receiving this property, see sections and