Receiving a RopRemoveAllRecipients ROP Request

When processing the RopRemoveAllRecipients ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section, the server ignores the value of the Reserved field.

Until the server receives a RopSaveChangesMessage ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section from the client, the server adheres to the following:

  • The PidTagRowid property (section and associated data of removed recipients (2) MUST NOT be returned as part of any subsequent handling of ROPs for the opened Message object on the same Message object handle.

  • The changes made to the recipients (2) MUST NOT be included in the response buffer returned for ROP requests that apply to recipients (2) on different Message object handles.

The call to the RopRemoveAllRecipients ROP succeeds even if the Message object on which it is executed has no recipients (2).

The following specific error code applies to this ROP.

Error code name





The value of the InputHandleIndex field on which this ROP was called does not refer to a Message object.