Adding Folder Permissions

To add a new entry to the folder's permissions list, the client MUST send a RopModifyPermissions ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section with the AddRow flag set in each PermissionData structure that specifies a user to be added. The PropertyValues field of the PermissionData structure MUST include the following properties:

  • PidTagEntryId (section 2.2.4)

  • PidTagMemberRights (section 2.2.7)

The PropertyValues field MUST NOT include the PidTagMemberId property (section 2.2.5).

When copying the ACL from the Calendar folder to the Freebusy Data folder, the client SHOULD<6> set the ReplaceRows flag in the RopModifyPermissions ROP request buffer. In this case, all of the PermissionData structures in the ROP request buffer MUST have the AddRow flag set.