RopQueryNamedProperties ROP Request Buffer

The following descriptions define valid fields for the RopQueryNamedProperties ROP request buffer ([MS-OXCROPS] section

QueryFlags (1 byte):  A set of bits that control which type of named property is returned. The valid bits for this field are listed in the following table.

Bit name





Named properties that have a property name identifier MUST NOT be included in the response.



Named properties that have a long ID (LID) MUST NOT be included in the response.

HasGuid (1 byte):  A Boolean value that is nonzero if the PropertyGuid field is included in the request. If the value is zero, the PropertyGUID field MUST NOT be present.

PropertyGuid (16 bytes):  A GUID that specifies the property set of properties to be returned. If this field is present, only named properties with a property set matching the GUID are returned in a successful response. This field MUST be present if the HasGuid field is set to nonzero.