The EcpUrl-mt element contains a value that, when appended to the value of the EcpUrl element (section, results in a URL that can be used to access email message tracking settings. It is an optional child element of the Protocol element (section<18>

The value of the EcpUrl-mt element contains parameters contained within '<' and '>' characters that are substituted by the client as shown in the following table.


Substitute with


A string that specifies whether the call was invoked from Outlook Web App (OWA). 'y' is substituted if it was invoked from OWA; 'n' otherwise.


Internet message identifier of the message to be tracked as specified by the Message-ID header. See [RFC2822].


The SMTP address of the user's mailbox.


The SMTP address of the message's sender.

The value of the EcpUrl-mt element is similar to the following: "PersonalSettings/DeliveryReport.aspx?exsvurl=1&IsOWA=<IsOWA>&MsgID=<MsgID>&Mbx=<Mbx>&Sender=<Sender>".