1.2.1 Normative References

We conduct frequent surveys of the normative references to assure their continued availability. If you have any issue with finding a normative reference, please contact dochelp@microsoft.com. We will assist you in finding the relevant information.

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[MS-OCAUTHWS] Microsoft Corporation, "OC Authentication Web Service Protocol".

[MS-OFBA] Microsoft Corporation, "Office Forms Based Authentication Protocol".

[MS-OXABREF] Microsoft Corporation, "Address Book Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) Referral Protocol".

[MS-OXCMAPIHTTP] Microsoft Corporation, "Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) Extensions for HTTP".

[MS-OXCRPC] Microsoft Corporation, "Wire Format Protocol".

[MS-OXDISCO] Microsoft Corporation, "Autodiscover HTTP Service Protocol".

[MS-OXWAVLS] Microsoft Corporation, "Availability Web Service Protocol".

[MS-OXWOAB] Microsoft Corporation, "Offline Address Book (OAB) Retrieval File Format".

[MS-OXWOOF] Microsoft Corporation, "Out of Office (OOF) Web Service Protocol".

[MS-OXWUMS] Microsoft Corporation, "Voice Mail Settings Web Service Protocol".

[MS-RPCH] Microsoft Corporation, "Remote Procedure Call over HTTP Protocol".

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