Results of NspiGetTemplateInfo Call to Retrieve the Search Template

The results of the NspiGetTemplateInfo function call, as specified in [MS-NSPI] and [MS-OXNSPI] section, when the display type of DT_SEARCH is passed in as the ulType parameter is a PropertyRow_r structure, as specified in [MS-NSPI] and [MS-OXNSPI] section 2.2.3, that contains the search template for the dialog to display. The client MUST use the search template to create a dialog and display it to the user for input. If the user inputs any information into the dialog and closes the dialog, the properties associated with the controls SHOULD be used to create a Restriction_r structure to be used as the Filter input parameter in a call to the NspiGetMatches function, as specified in [MS-NSPI] and [MS-OXNSPI] section The NspiGetMatches function SHOULD handle filters that contain properties in the search template.