Setting Individual Delegate Preferences

For each delegate being specified, the delegator's client MUST:

  1. Specify the delegate's name, using the value of the PidTagDisplayName property (section for the Address Book object of the delegate. This value MUST be specified as an entry in either the PidTagScheduleInfoDelegateNamesW property (section or the PidTagScheduleInfoDelegateNames property (section The value MAY be specified as an entry in both the PidTagScheduleInfoDelegateNamesW and PidTagScheduleInfoDelegateNames properties. If a client uses only one of these properties, it SHOULD use the PidTagScheduleInfoDelegateNamesW property,<4> and it MUST use the same property for all delegates.

  2. Specify the value of the PidTagEntryId property ([MS-OXCPERM] section 2.2.4) for the Address Book object of the delegate as an entry in the PidTagScheduleInfoDelegateEntryIds property (section

  3. Specify whether the delegate can view the delegator's Message objects that are marked as private as an entry in the PidTagDelegateFlags property (section The value of the PidTagSensitivity property ([MS-OXCMSG] section on a Message object that has been marked as private is 0x00000002. The ability to view Message objects that have been marked as private is applicable to all folders for which the delegate has a role of Reviewer, Author, or Editor, as specified in section

The client then MUST send the RopSetProperties ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section with the values of the three properties generated by steps 1-3 in this secton, and commit the changes by sending the RopSaveChangesMessage ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section

Note Because each multivalue property specified above has one entry for each delegate, they are correlated by their index into these multivalue properties, and are only valid if an entry is present for all three properties.