Old Mail

The template for a search that finds messages older than a specified age has the following characteristics and settings:

  • Template ID: 11

  • Folders excluded: Sync Issues folder ([MS-OXOSFLD] section 2.2.1), Deleted Items folder, Junk E-mail folder

  • Items excluded: Appointments, contacts, distribution lists, journal items, sticky notes, tasks

  • Value of the PidTagSearchFolderStorageType property (section 0x00004049 (flags B, E, H, and J) to indicate daily refresh, 0x00002049 (flags B, E, H, and K) to indicate weekly refresh, or 0x00001049 (flags B, E, H, and L) to indicate monthly refresh.

  • The affected fields of the PidTagSearchFolderDefinition property (section are as follows:

    • FolderList2: An EntryList structure ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.3.1) that contains the folders to be searched. This will include all mailbox folders, except the ones specifically excluded by this template.

    • SearchRestriction: A Restriction structure (section that describes messages older than the age specified by the NumericalSearch field.

    • NumericalSearch: An integer that specifies the age of the messages to search for.