Message "To: " and "Cc: " Recipients

This parameter is a string that contains a semicolon separated list of SMTP [RFC2821] addresses that are found on the "To: " and "Cc: " lines.

This parameter MUST be formatted as type string and MUST be encoded with base64 encoding. Addresses on the "Bcc:" lines MUST NOT be used. Accounts that are compatible with [MS-OXOMSG] MUST reference the following properties:

The recipient string is calculated by means of the following pseudologic:

 For each of the recipients in the [Recipient List] {
     Get the PidTagAddressType and PidTagEmailAddress properties.
     if (PidTagAddressType  == "SMTP") {
         Append PidTagEmailAddress value, followed by a semi-colon,
         to recipient string.
 Remove the last semi-colon at the end of the recipient string.