2.1.113 [CSS-Level2-2009] Section 17.5.5, Dynamic row and column effects


The specification states:

 The ‘visibility’ property takes the value 'collapse' for row, row group, column, 
 and column group elements. This value causes the entire row or column to be removed 
 from the display, and the space normally taken up by the row or column to be made 
 available for other content. Contents of spanned rows and columns that intersect 
 the collapsed column or row are clipped. The suppression of the row or column, 
 however, does not otherwise affect the layout of the table. This allows dynamic 
 effects to remove table rows or columns without forcing a re-layout of the table in
  order to account for the potential change in column constraints.

Quirks Mode and IE7 Mode (All Versions)

The visibility property is ignored.