2.1.51 [ECMA-262/7] Section Promise.all ( iterable )

V0207: The IteratorClose abstract operation is not implemented

The specification states:

 ... Promise.all ( iterable )
     The all function returns a new promise which is fulfilled with an array of 
     fulfillment values for the passed promises, or rejects with the reason of the first 
     passed promise that rejects. It resolves all elements of the passed iterable to 
     promises as it runs this algorithm.
         1.  Let C be the this value.
         2.  If Type(C) is not Object, throw a TypeError exception.
         3.  Let promiseCapability be ? NewPromiseCapability(C).
         4.  Let iterator be GetIterator(iterable).
         5.  IfAbruptRejectPromise(iterator, promiseCapability).
         ... ...
         ... Let result be PerformPromiseAll(iteratorRecord, C, promiseCapability).
         ... If result is an abrupt completion, then
             a. If iteratorRecord.[[Done]] is false, let result be IteratorClose(iterator, 
             b. IfAbruptRejectPromise(result, promiseCapability).
         ... Return Completion(result).

EdgeHTML Mode

The IteratorClose abstract operation is not implemented; therefore step a is not done.