2.1.1 [ECMA-262/6] Section 7.1.1 ToPrimitive ( input [, PreferredType] )

V0164: @@toPrimitive is not implemented

The specification states:

 7.1.1 ToPrimitive ( input [, PreferredType] )
     The abstract operation ToPrimitive takes an input argument and an optional argument 
     PreferredType. The abstract operation ToPrimitive converts its input argument to a 
     non-Object type. If an object is capable of converting to more than one primitive 
     type, it may use the optional hint PreferredType to favour that type. Conversion 
     occurs according to ...:
         ... Type(input) is Object ...
             ... Let exoticToPrim be ? GetMethod(input, @@toPrimitive).

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@@toPrimitive is not implemented.