2.1.3 [ECMA-402/2] Section 11.3.4 Number Format Functions

V0121: Numbers are not formatted correctly for locale th-u-nu-arab

The specification states:

 11.3.4 Number Format Functions
     A NumberFormat format function is an anonymous function that takes one argument 
     value, and performs the following steps:
          1. Let nf be the this value.
          2. Assert: Type(nf) is Object and nf has an [[initializedNumberFormat]] internal 
             slot whose value is true.
          3. If value is not provided, let value be undefined.
          4. Let x be ToNumber(value).
          5. ReturnIfAbrupt(x).
          6. Return FormatNumber(nf, x).
     When the FormatNumber abstract operation is called with arguments numberFormat (which 
     must be an object initialized as a NumberFormat) and x (which must be a Number 
     value), it returns a String value representing x according to the effective locale 
     and the formatting options of numberFormat.

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Numbers are not formatted correctly for locale th-u-nu-arab.