3.5 HTML 4.01 Test: AREA elements are ignored when a MAP element contains mixed content

Test case: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Test/HTML401/current/tests/13_6_1-BF-02.html

The specification states:

 When a MAP element contains mixed content (both AREA elements and block-level 
 content), user agents must ignore the AREA elements.

The test case states:

Verify when a MAP element contains mixed content, AREA elements are ignored.

Object code:

<img src="map1.gif" usemap="#map1" alt="map1">


<map name="map1">

       <area alt="circle" shape="circle" coords="20,20,12" href="circle.html">

       <area alt="circle2" shape="circle" coords="12,64,7" nohref>

       <area alt="poly"  shape="poly"



       <a id="area1" shape="rect" coords="0, 0, 30, 30"



Expected results:

Because the MAP element contains block-level content (the A element), the three AREA elements should be ignored. There should be no areas of the image that are rendered as hot (can be selected or clicked).

Actual results for all document modes (all versions):

The AREA elements that are specified with an href attribute and value are rendered within the image as hot (can be selected or clicked).


The MAP element contains an A element (block-level content). This implies that all AREA elements contained within the MAP element should be ignored.

Based on the actual results, Internet Explorer fails this test case for all document modes (all versions).

See Also

Section 2.1.31