Note: EdgeHTML Mode does not provide the noWrap attribute for the HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDDElement, or HTMLDTElement interfaces.

noWrap of type boolean

Sets or retrieves whether the browser automatically performs word wrap.

Returns false if the browser automatically wraps the text, or true otherwise. The default value is false.

Be aware of the following when using the noWrap property in conjunction with the width attribute of table or td elements:

  • Wordwrap still occurs in a td element that has its width attribute set to a value smaller than the unwrapped content of the cell, even if the noWrap property is set to true. Therefore, the width attribute takes precedence over the noWrap property in this scenario.

  • If a td element has its noWrap set to true and the width attribute of its table element is set to a smaller dimension than the rendered content of the td element, wordwrap does not occur. In this case, the noWrap setting takes precedence over the width attribute.

The noWrap attribute extends the following interfaces:

All Document Modes (All Versions)

  • HTMLDivElement

    Quirks Mode, IE7 Mode, IE8 Mode, IE9 Mode, IE10 Mode, and IE11 Mode (All Versions)

  • HTMLBodyElement

  • HTMLDDElement

  • HTMLDTElement