2.1.87 [HTML5:2014] Section Constraint validation

V0197: No list of elements is returned

The specification states:

 ... Constraint validation
     When the user agent is required to statically validate the constraints of form 
     element form, it must run the following steps, which return either a positive result 
     (all the controls in the form are valid) or a negative result (there are invalid 
     controls) along with a (possibly empty) list of elements that are invalid and for 
     which no script has claimed responsibility:
         7.  Return a negative result with the list of elements in the unhandled invalid 
             controls list.

All document modes (All versions)

No list of elements is returned.

V0198: Constraint validation is not supported

The specification states: Constraint validation
     If a user agent is to interactively validate the constraints of form element form, 
     then the user agent must run the following steps:
         3.  Report the problems with the constraints of at least one of the elements 
             given in unhandled invalid controls to the user. User agents may focus one of 
             those elements in the process, by running the focusing steps for that 
             element, and may change the scrolling position of the document, or perform 
             some other action that brings the element to the user's attention. User 
             agents may report more than one constraint violation. User agents may 
             coalesce related constraint violation reports if appropriate (e.g. if 
             multiple radio buttons in a group are marked as required, only one error need 
             be reported). If one of the controls is not being rendered (e.g. it has the 
             hidden attribute set) then user agents may report a script error.

IE9 Mode, IE8 Mode, IE7 Mode, and IE5 (Quirks) Mode (All versions)

Constraint validation is not supported.