2.1.2 Document

The Document interface represents the HTML document in a specific window.

Document has been extended with the following attributes:

  • URLUnencoded

  • defaultCharset

  • webkitCurrentFullScreenElement

  • webkitFullscreenElement

  • webkitFullscreenEnabled

  • webkitIsFullScreen

Document has been extended with the following methods:

  • execCommandShowHelp

  • focus

  • queryCommandText

  • updateSettings

  • webkitCancelFullScreen

  • webkitExitFullscreen

Available only in EdgeHTML Mode (All Versions).

  • caretRangeFromPoint

    // Microsoft extensions
     interface Document : Node
         readonly attribute DOMString URLUnencoded;
         readonly attribute DOMString defaultCharset;
         readonly attribute Element? webkitCurrentFullScreenElement;
         readonly attribute Element? webkitFullscreenElement;
         readonly attribute boolean webkitFullscreenEnabled;
         readonly attribute boolean webkitIsFullScreen;
         boolean execCommandShowHelp(DOMString commandId);
         void focus();
         DOMString queryCommandText(DOMString commandId);
         void updateSettings();
         void webkitCancelFullScreen();
         void webkitExitFullscreen();
         Range caretRangeFromPoint(float x, float y);