2.1.25 [ISO32000-1] Section 12.2, Viewer Preferences


The specification states:

 The ViewerPreferences entry in a document’s catalogue (see 7.7.2, "Document Catalog") designates a viewer preferences dictionary (PDF 1.2) controlling the way the document shall be presented on the screen or in print. If no such dictionary is specified, conforming readers should behave in accordance with their own current user preference settings. Table 150 shows the contents of the viewer preferences dictionary.

Microsoft Edge:

The following viewer preferences keys are ignored:

  • HideToolbar

  • HideMenuBar

  • HideWindowUI

  • FitWindow

  • CenterWindow

  • DisplayDocTitle

  • NonFullScreenPageMode

  • ViewArea

  • ViewClip

  • PrintArea

  • PrintClip

  • PrintScaling

  • Duplex

  • PickTrayByPDFSize

  • PrintPageRange

  • NumCopies