3.3.5 Identifier Tokens

 lex-identifier = Latin-identifier / codepage-identifier / Japanese-identifier / Korean-identifier / simplified-Chinese-identifier / traditional-Chinese-identifier  
 Latin-identifier = first-Latin-identifier-character *subsequent-Latin-identifier-character 
 first-Latin-identifier-character = (%x0041-005A / %x0061-007A) ; A-Z / a-z  
 subsequent-Latin-identifier-character = first-Latin-identifier-character / decimal-digit / %x5F    ; underscore 

Static Semantics

  • Upper and lowercase Latin characters are considered equivalent in VBA identifiers. Two identifiers that differ only in the case of corresponding <first-Latin-identifier-character> characters are considered to be the same identifier.

  • Implementations MUST support <Latin-identifier>. Implementations MAY support one or more of the other identifier forms and if so MAY restrict the combined use of such identifier forms.