Namespace: http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/Access/2010/11/Server/WebServices/ApplicationDesignService

This complex type specifies the input data for the SetDataConnectivityStatus protocol operation.

 <xs:complexType name="SetDataConnectivityStatusParameters" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
   <xs:complexContent mixed="false">
     <xs:extension base="tns:ServiceParameters">
       <xs:attribute name="ProtocolVersion" type="xs:string"/>
       <xs:attribute name="Permission" type="tns:ConnectivityPermissionLevel" use="required"/>
       <xs:attribute name="IsEnabled" type="xs:boolean" use="required"/>

ProtocolVersion:  An Access Services Protocol Version ([MS-ASDT] section MUST be the same value that the protocol server returns from a call to GetApplicationInformation (section in the ProtocolVersion element of the GetAppInfoResult (section MUST Be present.

Permission: A ConnectivityPermissionLevel (section that specifies the permission level of the logins on the database application. MUST be present.

IsEnabled: A boolean ([XMLSCHEMA2] section 3.2.2) that specifies whether the login is to be enabled or disabled. If the value of this element is "true", a login with permissions specified by Permission is enabled on the database application. If the value is "false", the login is disabled.