This operation is used to retrieve a list of known Lotus Notes database names for a given Lotus Notes server name.

 <wsdl:operation name="ListKnownLotusNotesDatabases">
         <wsdl:input message="ListKnownLotusNotesDatabasesSoapIn"/>
         <wsdl:output message="ListKnownLotusNotesDatabasesSoapOut"/>

The protocol client sends a ListKnownLotusNotesDatabasesSoapIn request message and the protocol server responds with a ListKnownLotusNotesDatabasesSoapOut response message, as follows:

  • If the lotusNotesConfigured property of the crawler application is not true, the protocol server MUST throw SOAP fault message containing InvalidOperationException.

  • On success, the protocol server returns, in the ListKnownLotusNotesDatabasesResult element the response message, the known Lotus Notes database names for the Lotus Notes server name specified in the serverName element of the request message.

  • On error, the protocol server MUST throw a SOAP fault message.