1.5 Prerequisites/Preconditions

This protocol operates against a protocol server that exposes one or more endpoint Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)s that are known by protocol clients. The endpoint URI of the protocol server and the transport that is used by the protocol server are either known by the protocol client or obtained by using the discovery mechanism that is described in [MS-SPTWS]. The protocol server endpoint is formed by appending "/bdcservice.svc" to the URL of the site. For example: http://www.example.com/f0e82c9b92634081a8138bc38a967050/bdcservice.svc

The protocol client obtains the requisite ApplicationClassId and ApplicationVersion values and the endpoint URI of the protocol server that provides the discovery mechanism, as described in [MS-SPTWS], by means that are independent of either protocol.

This protocol requires the protocol client to have appropriate permission to call the methods on the protocol server.

The protocol client implements the token-based security mechanisms that are required by the protocol server and related security protocols, as described in [MS-SPSTWS].