This method is a static CSOM method.

Return Type: CSOM Boolean

This method assigns a Boolean property stored with the specified publishing page: If this property is true, then the search crawler will omit the page's physical URL from the search index, because the search index already contains one or more friendly URLs for the page. If this property is false, then the page is indexed in the normal manner.

If the update was performed successfully, or if the page property was already in the specified state, then the return value MUST be true. The return value MUST be false otherwise, including cases such as: the navigationTerm is null, the navigationTerm is not a friendly URL, the target page is invalid, the target page cannot be found, the caller does not have permissions to perform the change, and so on.


navigationTerm: A navigation term indicating the publishing page to be updated.

Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Publishing.Navigation.NavigationTerm

The navigationTerm property SHOULD have NavigationTerm.LinkType property (section equal to NavigationLinkType.FriendlyUrl (section, and its NavigationTerm.TargetUrl property (section is used to identify the publishing page to be updated. (The page is specified in this way because it is convenient for a specific editing surface.)

crawlAsFriendlyUrlPage: The new value of the publishing page property.

Type: CSOM Boolean