This operation is used by the protocol client to retrieve information from the protocol server about a search scope rule given its identifier.

 <wsdl:operation name="GetRuleInfo">
   <wsdl:input wsam:Action="http://tempuri.org/ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication/GetRuleInfo" message="tns:ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetRuleInfo_InputMessage"/>
   <wsdl:output wsam:Action="http://tempuri.org/ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication/GetRuleInfoResponse" message="tns:ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetRuleInfo_OutputMessage"/>

The protocol client sends an ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetRuleInfo_InputMessage  request message and the protocol server responds with an ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetRuleInfo_OutputMessage response message, as follows:

  • The protocol client MUST specify the unique identifier of the search scope rule for which the information MUST be returned.

  • On receipt, the protocol server uses the unique identifier to find the search scope rule and MUST return the information for the search scope rule in a RuleInfo data type as specified in section

  • If the protocol server is unable to find a search scope rule corresponding to the unique identifier passed in by the protocol client then it MUST set RuleInfo.IsDeleted to true. Otherwise RuleInfo.IsDeleted MUST be set to "false".

  • On error, the protocol server MUST return a FaultException<ExceptionDetail> error message.