Property Typed Value

The protocol server MUST support the following types of values: language, Boolean, float, decimal and date. The protocol server MUST accept both quoted and unquoted forms of values.

For decimal and date value the protocol server MUST support ranges. The protocol server MUST interpret range A..B as set of values from A to B inclusive.

 property-typed-value = property-language / %x22 *ws property-language *ws %x22
 property-typed-value =/ property-boolean / %x22 *ws property-boolean *ws %x22
 property-typed-value =/ property-float / %x22 *ws property-float *ws %x22
 property-typed-value =/ property-decimal [".." property-decimal] / %x22 *ws property-decimal [*ws ".." *ws property-decimal] *ws %x22
 property-typed-value =/ property-date-named / property-date-no-ws [".." property-date-no-ws] / %x22 *ws property-date [*ws ".." *ws property-date] *ws %x22