Return Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Social.SocialRestFeed

The Timelinefeed method returns the same kind of information as the News method (see section but uses a different filter for selecting threads. The News method selects threads with the most recent reply post, but the Timelinefeed method selects threads with the most recent root post.


feedOptions: Specify the maximum number of threads, date-time values to use for selecting threads, and sort order.

Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Social.SocialFeedOptions

For details on the SocialFeedOptions type, see section

For example, the following REST HTTP_GET message calls the Timelinefeed resource. The parameter is specified in the URL; consequently, the entity body is equal to the empty string ("").


The @v construct used in this message allows a colon (:) to be included in the date-time value.