2.1 StsSync Data Structure

This structure specifies the syntax for the "stssync" URI scheme. This structure MUST be able to be represented as an ASCII string.

The scheme specific-part is a series of field-value pairs as follows:


The fields specify properties about a remote list accessible via the [MS-LISTSWS] protocol. Fields can appear in any order and have no specific length restrictions unless otherwise noted. Valid fields are as follows:<1>

ver: The version number of this structure in the format x.y. The values x and y MUST be numbers. x MUST NOT begin with zero, and y MUST be either zero or a sequence of digits that does not begin with zero. The ver field SHOULD<2> have a valid value, and x and y SHOULD NOT<3> be longer than two digits each.

type: A string that represents the content type of the remote list. MUST be "calendar", "contacts", "discussions", "documents", or "tasks". For definitions of these types of lists, see [MS-OUTSPS] section 3.2.1. This field is not case-sensitive.

cmd: The action the client takes in response to processing this URI. MUST be "add-folder", which means the client will add a folder.

base-url: The URL to the site that contains the remote list. SHOULD NOT end in a "/" character.

guid: The GUID which uniquely identifies the remote list. MUST be of the format "{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX}", where X represents a hexadecimal character.

site-name: Display name of the site where the remote list is located.

list-name: Display name of the remote list.

list-url: A string that when concatenated with the base-url MUST produce the full URL to the list. SHOULD begin with a "/".

user-id (optional): The user identifier to be used to filter the items in the list. MUST be a number greater than zero and MUST be less than eight digits.

folder-url (optional): The relative path to a subfolder within the remote list. MUST begin with a "/" and MUST NOT end with a "/".<4>

folder-id (optional): The item identifier of a subfolder within the remote list. MUST be a positive decimal number of no more than eight digits.<5>