The EmailsOutputType complex type contains information about a collection of users as the output to this operation.

 <s:complexType name="EmailsOutputType">
     <s:element name="User" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="100">
         <s:attribute name="Login" type="s:string" />
         <s:attribute name="Email" type="s:string" />
         <s:attribute name="DisplayName" type="s:string" />
         <s:attribute name="SiteUser">
             <s:restriction base="s:nonNegativeInteger">
               <s:enumeration value="0" />
               <s:enumeration value="1" />

Login: The login name of a user.

Email: The e-mail address of a user.

DisplayName: The display name of a user.

SiteUser: The information about whether this user exists in the current site. The value "1" indicates that this user exists in the current site and zero ("0") indicates that this user does not exist in the current site.