2.2.1 Document Management Server Header

The Document Management Server header is used to advertise certain extended capabilities of the WebDAV server. This new header is specified as follows.

 "DocumentManagementServer" ":" DMS-Options
 DMS-Options = *(DMS-Option ";")
 DMS-Option = DMS-Properties-Schema | DMS-Source-Control | DMS-Version-History | token
 DMS-Properties-Schema = "Properties Schema" 
 DMS-Source-Control = "Source Control" 
 DMS-Version-History = "Version History"

WebDAV servers implementing WebDAV Protocol: Microsoft Extensions use the options listed under DMS-Option to indicate to WebDAV clients support for various capabilities, which is extended by WebDAV Protocol: Microsoft Extensions servers to advertise additional capabilities through the use of new tokens. These capabilities are not part of the WebDAV Protocol: Microsoft Extensions, but are only advertised using this protocol extension.

For information about the use of this header with the OPTIONS verb, see section