1.3 Overview

This protocol provides operations related to authoring page constructs and declarative workflows. These operations fall into the following fairly independent categories:

§ Operations to list, create, modify, and delete Web Parts in a Web Part Page.

§ Operations to connect Web Parts. A Web Part connection can bind Web Parts only if the Web Parts properly implement provider and consumer Web Part connection interfaces.

§ Operations to perform data retrieval in pure XML format or with data source control.

§ Operations to manipulate Web Parts and controls. This category also includes general operations for authoring Web Part Pages.

§ Operations to author, validate, create, and remove a declarative workflow on a site.

  • Operations to retrieve the list of binary files that contain controls permitted on the server, the list of controls in a binary file, control properties, and property types. These operations also enable the client to pass a portion of a page to the server, which includes updates to the page. The server makes these updates based on its information about the controls and the server environment, and returns data so that a client authoring a page can make changes to the client version of the control as if they were being made on the server.