1.3.4 Report Definition Overview Diagrams

This section contains diagrams that illustrate the schema of the 2010/01 version of Report Definition Language (section 5.4).

Note that for simplicity, certain related types are represented in the diagrams as abstract base types. For example, the abstract base type ReportItem does not appear in RDL. Only concrete derived types (such as Textbox) appear in RDL. The following are the abstract base types that are shown in the diagrams: ReportItem, DataRegion, Gauge, GaugeScale, and GaugePointer.

Graphics of a report layout.

Figure 1: Report layout

Report data

Figure 2: Report data

Report items

Figure 3: Report items


Figure 4: Tablix


Figure 5: Chart

Custom report item

Figure 6: Custom report item

Gauge panel

Figure 7: Gauge panel

Map structures

Figure 8: Map structures