FRAGMENT Response

The client MUST verify that the message satisfies the requirements in sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.7, discarding the message if not.

If the HTTP status code is 200 or 416, the client MUST perform necessary checks on the value received through BITS-Received-Content-Range and update the fragment offset as shown in the state logic in section

If the HTTP status code is 413 (request too large), the client SHOULD send fragments of smaller sizes until 413 error is not returned from the server. The maximum size of fragment allowed and the size of the fragment being sent from the client are implementation-specific.<16>

In upload-reply mode, the server MUST send Reply-URL as part of uploading the final fragment. If the server does not send Reply-URL, the client MUST report the error to the higher-layer protocol. More details of state transitions can be found in section

For handling other HTTP status codes, refer to section