3.12 MSMQDestination Coclass Details

The MSMQDestination object identifies one or more Queues and enables the client to open and close them. The MSMQDestination object is used by other objects to send messages and to specify response queues.

A MSMQDestination object provides methods to identify one or more Queues and to do the following tasks:

  • Open an MSMQDestination object for sending messages to the identified Queues.

  • Close an MSMQDestination object and the corresponding OpenQueueDescriptor.

  • Check whether the MSMQDestination object is ready for use to send messages.

To identify Queues and prepare an MSMQDestination object for use, one of the following methods MUST be invoked on an instance of this object prior to calling MSMQDestination::Open:

  • MSMQDestination::put_ADsPath, to specify the directory path that identifies Queues

  • MSMQDestination::put_PathName, to specify the path name of one or more Queues

  • MSMQDestination::put_FormatName, to specify the format name of one or more Queues