procedure GetResourceDomainInfo(
     InputSids: ARRAY(SID),
     ResourceSids: ARRAY(SID),
     MaxValidityTimeHint: LARGE_INTEGER) : NTSTATUS

InputSids: The SIDs to be expanded in the resource domain.

ResourceSids: Returns the set of expanded SIDs.

MaxValidityTimeHint: Returns a future timestamp that specifies when the returned results are no longer considered valid; a value of zero signifies that no hint is being returned.

Return Values: This procedure returns STATUS_SUCCESS ([MS-ERREF] section 2.3.1) to indicate success; otherwise, an NTSTATUS error code.

Logical Processing:

 Status: NTSTATUS;
 /* Invoke ExpandMemberships locally */
 Status := ExpandMemberships(
 return Status;