The CLAIMS_SET_METADATA structure specifies an encoded CLAIMS_SET structure with information about the encoding.

 typedef struct _CLAIMS_SET_METADATA {
   ULONG ulClaimsSetSize;
   [size_is(ulClaimsSetSize)] BYTE* ClaimsSet;
   ULONG ulUncompressedClaimsSetSize;
   USHORT usReservedType;
   ULONG ulReservedFieldSize;
   [size_is(ulReservedFieldSize)] BYTE* ReservedField;

ulClaimsSetSize: Contains the size, in bytes, of the ClaimsSet member.

ClaimsSet: A byte array of length ulClaimsSetSize bytes. This field contains a CLAIMS_SET structure that is encoded as described in section

usCompressionFormat: Specifies the compression algorithm used for encoding a CLAIMS_SET structure, as specified in section

ulUncompressedClaimsSetSize: Specifies the size of the partially encoded CLAIMS_SET structure before compression, the fully encoded version of which is stored in the ClaimsSet member.

usReservedType: The server MUST set this member to 0. The client MUST ignore this member.

ulReservedFieldSize: Specifies the size, in bytes, of the ReservedField member.

ReservedField: A byte array containing ulReservedFieldSize elements.