Configuring SMB 2.1 or 3.x Content Server Caching

Goal: To enable Content Caching and Retrieval on a content server share directory.

Context of Use: The administrator is configuring a content server and is either adding or modifying a shared directory.

Direct Actor: The direct actor is the Administrator Tool. The Administrator Tool's interest is to correctly interpret, execute, and display the results of the commands issued by the administrator.

Primary Actor: The primary actor is the administrator. The administrator's interest is expressed in administrative privileges and the responsibility for using File Access Services and Content Caching and Retrieval to provide File Services.

Supporting Actors: The supporting actors for this use case are as follows:

  • Administrator client: Maintains a consistent access mechanism to the SMB 2.1 File Service and Content Caching and Retrieval configuration.

  • SMB File Service: Provides and maintains a secure and consistent File Service by enforcing directory quotas and file screens.

  • Object Store: Stores files and directories.

Preconditions: The administrator has identified a content server and a shared directory on its Object Store and has to enable Content Caching and Retrieval on that shared directory.

Minimal Guarantees: Content Caching and Retrieval is not enabled.

Success Guarantee: Content Caching and Retrieval is enabled on the shared directory that is identified on the content server.

Trigger: The Administrator Tool receives a request from the administrator to configure Content Caching and Retrieval.