Application Requests the Release of a Byte-Range Lock on a File

The application provides:

  • The Client.Open representing the file to be unlocked.

  • An array of byte ranges to be unlocked. For each range, the application provides:

    • A starting offset, in bytes.

    • A length, in bytes.

  • The number of byte ranges to be unlocked.

  • The type of lock requested.

  • The new oplock level, if this is a request from the server in response to a change.

  • The length of time (in milliseconds) for the server to wait for the locks to become available.

Any of the following commands can be used to explicitly unlock a contiguous range of bytes in a regular file:

Closing the file releases all locks associated with the FID. The SMB_COM_PROCESS_EXIT (section command closes all file handles (FIDs) that were opened by the specified PID, and therefore releases all locks held on those FIDs.

The request MUST be sent to the server as described in section