The TRANS2_SET_PATH_INFORMATION request and response formats are special cases of SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 (section SMB. Only the TRANS2_SET_PATH_INFORMATION specifics are described here.


WordCount (1 byte): This field MUST be 0x0F.

Words (30 bytes):

TotalDataCount (2 bytes): This field MUST be zero (0x0000).

SetupCount (1 byte): This field MUST be 0x01.

Setup (2 bytes): This field MUST be TRANS2_SET_PATH_INFORMATION (0x0006).


   USHORT     InformationLevel;
   ULONG      Reserved;
   SMB_STRING FileName;

InformationLevel (2 bytes): This field contains an information level code, which determines the information contained in the Trans2_Data block. The list of valid information level codes is specified in section A client that has not negotiated long names support MUST use only SMB_INFO_STANDARD. If a client that has not negotiated long names support uses an InformationLevel other than SMB_INFO_STANDARD, the server MUST return a status of STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER (ERRDOS/ERRinvalidparam).

Reserved (4 bytes): This field is reserved and MUST be zero (0x00000000).

FileName (variable): The file name or directory name for which to retrieve the information.

Trans2_Data: The Trans2_Data block carries the structure of the information level specified by the Trans2_Parameters.InformationLevel field. Each information level's corresponding structure is specified in section