3.14.4 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

This protocol MUST indicate to the RPC runtime that it is to perform a strict NDR/NDR64 data consistency check at target level 6.0, as specified in [MS-RPCE] section 3.

This protocol MUST indicate to the RPC runtime that it is to reject a NULL unique or full pointer with nonzero conformant value, as specified in [MS-RPCE] section 3.

The order in which IClusterFirewall interface methods are invoked becomes a precondition for subsequent methods. Preconditions include the following:

  • The InitializeAdapterConfiguration (Opnum 3) method MUST be called before other methods defined in section 3.14.

All methods MUST NOT throw exceptions.

This DCOM interface inherits the IUnknown interface. Method opnum field values start with 3; opnum values 0 through 2 represent the IUnknown::QueryInterface, IUnknown::AddRef, and IUnknown::Release methods, respectively, as specified in [MS-DCOM] section

Methods in RPC Opnum Order




Performs server setup required to successfully implement the other methods.

Opnum: 3


Returns information about a network interface attached to the system.

Opnum: 4