The DfsrHelperErrorsEnum enumeration defines error codes that are specific to the IADProxy and IADProxy2 interfaces.

The UUID for this enumeration is {9009D654-250B-4e0d-9AB0-ACB63134F69F}.

 typedef  enum DfsrHelperErrorsEnum
   dfsrHelperErrorNotLocalAdmin = 0x80042001,
   dfsrHelperErrorCreateVerifyServerControl = 0x80042002,
   dfsrHelperLdapErrorBase = 0x80043000
 } DfsrHelperErrorsEnum;

dfsrHelperErrorNotLocalAdmin:  Reserved for future use.

dfsrHelperErrorCreateVerifyServerControl:  Cannot create LDAP_SERVER_VERIFY_NAME_OID control for the LDAP command.

For more information about this LDAP control command, see [MS-ADTS] section

dfsrHelperLdapErrorBase:  This is the base value for LDAP errors.