The DHCP_POLICY_EX structure contains information for a policy that is used to filter client requests. This structure augments the DHCP_POLICY (section structure by including a list of properties represented by the field Properties.

 typedef struct _DHCP_POLICY_EX {
     LPWSTR PolicyName;
     BOOL IsGlobalPolicy;
     DHCP_IP_ADDRESS Subnet;
     DWORD ProcessingOrder;
     LPDHCP_POL_COND_ARRAY Conditions;
     LPDHCP_POL_EXPR_ARRAY Expressions;
     LPWSTR Description;
     BOOL Enabled;

PolicyName: A pointer of type LPWSTR that points to a null-terminated Unicode string identifying the name of the policy. The name of the policy is restricted to 64 characters.

IsGlobalPolicy: Indicates whether this is a server-level policy.

Subnet: This member is of type DHCP_IP_ADDRESS (section structure and identifies the IPv4 subnet to which the policy belongs, if this is a scope-level policy. The value of this member will be 0 for a server-level policy.

ProcessingOrder: Identifies the relative order in which the DHCPv4 server will process the policy.

Conditions: A pointer of type LPDHCP_POL_COND_ARRAY (section that contains the array of conditions for the policy.

Expressions: A pointer of type LPDHCP_POL_EXPR_ARRAY (section that contains the array of expressions for the policy.

Ranges: A pointer of type LPDHCP_IP_RANGE_ARRAY (section that points to an array of DHCP_IP_RANGE (section structures that represent the policy IP ranges.

Description: A pointer of type LPWSTR that contains the null-terminated Unicode string containing the description of the policy. The string is restricted to 255 characters.

Enabled: Indicates whether the policy is in the enabled (TRUE) or disabled (FALSE) state.

Properties: A list of properties that is associated with the given client. See the following list for allowed properties. Properties not identified are ignored.

DNSSuffix: This property is present if the value of the DHCP_PROPERTY_ID (section is DhcpPropIdPolicyDnsSuffix and the value of the DHCP_PROPERTY_TYPE (section is DhcpPropTypeString. When the Value member of the DHCP_PROPERTY (section structure is set to StringValue, this property points to a Unicode string representing the DNS suffix to be used when performing DNS registration on behalf of the client.