The DHCP_RESUME_HANDLE is a DWORD that defines a structure that contains a handle to the location within the DHCP server's data set from which an enumeration method returns the data.

DHCPM specifies various enumeration methods that allow a client to enumerate specific configuration properties of the DHCP server. If the amount of data being enumerated exceeds the available buffer size, the complete configuration data set MUST be enumerated through repeated calls to the enumeration method. In this case, the enumeration methods will accept a handle to the location in the server's data set starting from which the data will be returned. Initially, the DHCP client MUST set this value to zero in the first call to a specific RPC enumeration method. If the enumeration method is successful, return a handle to the data that has already been enumerated. This handle SHOULD be used in subsequent calls to the enumeration method to get the remainder of the data.

This type is declared as follows: