5.134 NetworkAddress

NetworkAddress is an abstract type for the transport-specific address of a DC represented as a string. For the SMTP transport, the address is an SMTP address (as specified in [RFC2821] and [MS-SRPL]). For the RPC transport in AD DS, the NetworkAddress is a fully qualified DNS name corresponding to the DC.

For the RPC transport in AD LDS, the NetworkAddress is a UTF-8 string in the following format:

  • <DC-name>:<DC-identifier>

In the preceding format:

  • <DC-name> is an IP address in the UTF-8 format, a fully qualified DNS name, or a NetBIOS name.

  • <DC-identifier> is either a GUID or an integer. The GUID corresponds to the objectGUID attribute of the DC's nTDSDSA object. The integer is the ldapPort attribute of the DC's nTDSDSA object.

  • The colon (":") is the literal separator between the DC-name and the DC-identifier.

A NetworkAddress is stored as an mtx_name within an MTX_ADDR structure or in a location that is pointed to by the cbpszInstanceOffset member of the DSA_RPC_INST structure, which in turn is stored within a REPS_TO structure. The concrete representation of NetworkAddress in these concrete structures is the same as the abstract representation described above.