When the LU 6.2 implementation (section 3.2) receives a TXUSER_DTCLURECOVERYINITIATEDBYDTC_MTAG_WORK_TRANS message, it MUST perform the following actions:

  • If the connection state is Awaiting Response To Work Query:

    • Update the recovery sequence number in the Recovery Sequence Number Table keyed by the LU Name Pair associated with the connection object with the RecoverySeqNum field from the message.

    • Return a success result, the connection object, and the following message information to the higher-layer business logic:

      • The RecoverySeqNum field

      • The Xln field

      • The OurLogName field

      • The RemoteLogName field

    • If the Xln field of the message is set to DTCLUXLN_COLD:

    • Otherwise, if the Xln field of the message is set to DTCLUXLN_WARM:

  • Otherwise, the message MUST be processed as an invalid message, as specified in [MS-DTCO], section 3.1.6.